Some Interesting Evidence to Support a Theory of Time Being Multidimensional

Michael Barbera
4 min readMar 7, 2021

Mostly everyone knows that time is composed of three parts; past, present, and future. The idea of such is but a common perception and understanding of time and how it functions. It is not literally time or a breakdown of the mechanics of time but is instead the gist of time. This writing and the subsequent train of thought see time as a threefold composite composed of past, present, and future which comprise what humanity describes as “time”. Plainly bespoken, time is multidimensional and specifically tridimensional.

Evidence One

The first evidence to support tridimensional time is that matter as currently perceived is tridimensional. Matter is tridimensional as evidenced by the measuring of lengths, widths, and depths and so a part of the natural world is perceived. All observable matter can be, and often is, measured in three dimensions. If you doubt what I say is true find a tailor and ask them about their measurements (or an engineer). Such professions spend more than a modicum of time exploring tridimensional matter. A claim this bold can’t possibly support itself on such a shallow assertion of matter being tridimensional so I’ll also say that time is observable and recordable akin to how matter is. Interestingly enough, time is also observed in terms of three components which is the basis of further evidence.

Evidence Two

Common conceptions of how to observe and subsequently record time also support that time is tridimensional. Contemporary measures of time account for the precise time as measured by a 24-hour clock followed by a threefold measurement system of the day, the month, and the year (the order varies culturally). This concept could be used to support a four or more -dimensional argument but that assessment is premature. The 24-hour clock is a component of the day measurement but is recorded separately. So, human recording of time has been subconsciously split into three dimensions. Time is being observed and recorded in a trifold measurement system. Perhaps there is a significantly implicit understanding of time in humanity’s psyche. For my final trick, I’m going to synthesize why matter and observation of time are intertwined.

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